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One of the keys to the success of Covenant College is the emphasis we place on relationships. Firstly our relationship with Jesus Christ is of absolute importance. Secondly we put a very high value on the relationships and friendships formed between the students and how they live that out in the Church - the body of Christ.

To facilitate this we purposefully look for a class size of no more than twelve. This gives us every opportunity to make sure that each student has the year that they need to have - no one misses out, no one can take their 'foot of the pedal' - whatever is going on at the College, everyone counts. Equally, to make sure that the course can run in every aspect that is planned, we look to run with a  minimum class size of eight.

For any reason if insufficient applications have not been received by the 1st June before the next 'start-of-term' the College Board of Governors will meet to decide on whether to proceed with those applications already interviewed and accepted or not; thus giving people plenty of time to make alternate plans.

Because of these reasons, we encourage anyone who is interested in coming in a particular year not to delay but to start the application process early - we regularly receive applications for the upcoming year as well as years further down the line - this year is no exception.

The process is simple.

  1. If you are 18 years of age and have finished your mandatory national schooling then we encourage you to speak to your church leaders to tell them of your intention to apply.
  2. Download, fill out and return an application form - you can download one by clicking here
  3. Download a leadership reference form and ask one of your church leaders to complete it and send it to us.
  4. We will contact you to let you know of our decision to invite you for an interview and to arrange a convenient time.
  5. We also actively encourage those interested in applying to come and 'sit-in' for a day - come and visit us and see what a day at Covenant College is like. This is a great way to meet the current students and lecturers and to ask as many questions as you may have. To arrange this, contact us by emailing the administrator.


In 2013 Covenant College moved into a purpose built facility in Cardiff. We're very blessed that we have room for all that we need to do including dedicated teaching and break out areas as well as a library, student working area, kitchen and offices.

As well as all of this, Covenant College is blessed to have the use of modern and contemporary flats and apartments all within thirty yards of the College itself where we can house the students who need accommodation.

Covenant College thrives having it's own space but we want to say that we are continually grateful to All Nations Church in Cardiff who allow us to use their state of the art facility for extra space when needed and as a base for the many local outreach opportunities that the students get involved in.

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tuition fees & accommodation

Covenant College is committed to doing everything it can so that finance is not an obstacle to fulfilling your potential in Christ.

The total fees you will need for Covenant College 2017/18 is £5,250. 

This will cover:

Tuition fees

Rent and Utilities for the duration of the Course, which we will arrange for you.

If you would like to arrange your own accommodation then the fees will be significantly less and we would encourage

you to contact us to discuss this further.

If you are a couple wishing to study together then the fees will be less - please contact us to discuss this further.

Students wishing to go on the Overseas Mission will need to raise an additional £1,250 which will cover all travel expenses (including flights, visa applications, accommodation and food whilst on mission, travel insurances etc). Students must inform the Principal of their intention to go on the mission by December 1st of their academic year.

Any additional personal expenses are to be covered by the student, and are not the responsibility of Covenant College. We recommend that all of the costs associated with Covenant College are in place before the start of the academic year. This will take away any ongoing pressure for finances and allow 100% focus on the year ahead.